Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everything is possible!

Have you ever watch the movie "Mission Impossible"? It is a spy story with a lot of mystery and excitement. The actor Tom Cruise in real life was sent to an assignment which seemed impossible to accomplish. He would then choose a group of agents -- each one with a special talent -- who would help him to accomplish his mission. As you might guess, the super secret agents of the "Impossible Mission Force" were always able to complete their mission. The Mission Impossible becomes Mission possible.

As I see to my life now, I always say my mission is always impossible on earth. It is like I do not have courage to myself. I commit that I am shy person that is why I always think it is impossible for me. But I slowly conquer my weakness. That is why I am here in Cagayan de Oro being a trainee in the Red Lemon Digital Media. Through them, I believe being with this company I can see myself maturing and gaining skills. And I prove it is always possible because I see a work now which my mission. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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